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Letters Of Recommendation 

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To Whom It May Concern:

Greenoaks Condominium Association has worked with Millennium Public Adjusting, LLG and Big City Construction on a claim of storm damage to the exterior of our buildings from August 2015 to the present. This has been a very successful relationship for us.

Don Saia of Millennium performed an outstanding service for us in negotiating the scope of our claim with the insurance company adjusters. Storm damage involves direct costs of damaged shingles, siding, windows and screens, but also appearance damage owing to color differences between the undamaged parts and replacement parts. Using this appearance argument, he successfully enlarged the scope of work to include full replacement of roof and siding for the five structures in our complex. He probably saved us from having to spend three times our annual budget in infrastructure costs to merge the color differences. He is a ‘must have’ specialist for any property owner who faces negotiating with an insurance company over a damage claim.

When we were first approached by Big City Construction about the storm damage, we was skeptical. We investigated everything we could find out about the company, insisting on letters from previous customers and citations from rating agencies. We convinced ourselves that they were a legitimate, indeed highly successful, full service construction firm. By full service, I mean that they do the contracted work, as expected, but that they also act as the property owners’ representative in negotiating with material vendors, insurance adjusters and specialty tradesmen to produce top of the line quality work. Our neighbors have actually commented on the beauty of the workmanship. Josh Anton was attentive to our needs, met with us as often as we wanted and helped us write a contract that met our needs. He has remained involved throughout the process, even helping us bring the project to a close.

What really sold us on Big City was the assurance that the claim and contract would work together in such a way that there would be no ‘out-of-pocket’ costs to the Association. Adam Kopec is a hands-on owner. He visited the site throughout the work, responding to questions and issues as they arose, and helping me to quiet the impatience of my unit owners as the project missed several deadlines for completion. We were concerned that unseen roof damage, like rotted plywood sheeting, would create out of contract costs. Adam made sure that a reasonable amount of money was set aside to cover such costs.

Even small details associated with the damage, such as new roof vents, painting and new capping of the chimney pipes, new drain spouts, and high quality under-shingle and under-siding elements to guard against leaks and ice damming. We have never been asked to pay for anything associated with this project ‘out-of-pocket.’ We were also reassured by the 5-year warrantee on workmanship. Adam’s approach is to do the job right the first time so that returning to fix things is rare.

Miguel, our site foreman, updated me weekly on the progress of the project. The specialty tradesmen that he brought with him, were friendly, accommodating, respectful and efficient.

No exterior work on the scale and magnitude of our project has a predictable timetable or occurs without inconvenience to owners. Bad weather, delivery of materials, availability of crews, and insurance payment schedules cause unforeseen delays. Delays cause more inconvenience. This project was no different. We expected that. The good news for us was that Big City was responsive to our complaints. It may have taken much longer than even they expected, but this huge job was completed within five months.

All things considered, we would work with Millennium and Big City again with no hesitation. These are serious, competent, caring professionals who realize that customer service is just as important as a code-standard construction.

Bob Rotenberg President, GCAoC

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To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to express my high recommendation of services offered by Big City Construction, Inc., Chicago, IL.

They have done at St. Hedwig a variety of projects, including excellent custom carpentry work, commercial windows and louvers installation, church attic insulation, new roof construction and installation, complete room renovation, just to name a few.

They have performed an outstanding work and responded to our inquiries in a timely manner. They are pleasant to work with, offered competitive prices and professional services.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 773-486-1660 ext. 127.




Margaret Kloniecka

Business Manager Saint Hedwig Parish

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To whom it may concern,

In August 2014 Big City Construction performed a logistically difficult, multi phase roofing project for us at our 12 unit building in Logan Square, located at 2407 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.

The work was complicated by the lack of staging area and our residential and commercial tenants. The project manager Miguel, was aware of this issue and at least on 3 occasions, that I know of, personally made sure that our tenants were not hampered by his teams work.

Furthermore, the main roof has 3 private roof top decks for the penthouses and a large common area for the remainder of the building. As such the roofing had to be done in logical phases, minimizing the life interruption (noise) to our penthouse tenants. My office did not receive a single complaint about the work.

Lastly, and most importantly, for my staff, in the year that has passed we have had no leaks. Our multi level roof has always given us problems, and we were never able to locate any single source, for the multiple areas of leaking. My staff and I were very pleased with our new roofing contractor, Big City, and happily recommend them to our friends, associates and investors.

Best regards,

Michelangelo Siracki

Hudson Real Estate Investments

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